When you visit Northwest Dental Arts & Sleep Therapy, our dental team works hard to ensure that your experience is pleasant and enjoyable. To enhance your dental experience, we are pleased to offer drill-free dentistry. If your tooth is damaged by decay, we can now repair the damage and restore the health of your tooth with no drills, no anesthetic, and no needles. If we detect early decay using X-rays, our gentle dentist may recommend a treatment called IconĀ®. Icon involves repairing the tooth with a resin infiltration method. We apply Icon at the site of decay to restore the health of the tooth. This treatment preserves your healthy tooth structure, unlike traditional fillings that require drilling away the tooth structure. This helps to increase the life expectancy of the tooth and ensures that your smile stays in the best of health. Because Icon treatment does not require drilling or otherwise removing tooth structure, it is a completely painless treatment option and does not require that we numb your mouth. Icon drill-free treatment can be completed in just one comfortable visit to our dental office. For more information on Icon and drill-free dentistry in Keizer, Oregon, we welcome you to contact us today. Dr. Jennifer B. Frankel and her team are eager to care for your smile!

If your dentist detects early decay that has not resulted in significant damage to your tooth, she may suggest IconĀ® drill-free dentistry.

We use the Icon system to repair the tooth through resin infiltration, without requiring needles or drills.

Your tooth will be restored to optimal health without compromising the natural structure of the tooth.