The health of your gums is essential to the overall health of your smile. If your gums are affected by periodontal disease (gum disease), our knowledgeable dentist may recommend periodontal therapy. Periodontal disease occurs as the result of bacteria in plaque. As plaque and dental calculus (hardened plaque) build up on the teeth, bacteria can cause infection and swelling in the gums. It is important to treat periodontal disease as early as possible to ensure that the health of your smile is restored. If periodontal disease is left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and a receding gum line. To treat periodontal disease and restore your oral health, Dr. Jennifer B. Frankel may recommend scaling and root planing. Scaling and root planing are deep cleanings; during these treatments, plaque, calculus, and bacteria are removed from both above and below the gum line. This helps to prevent the disease from progressing further, and in some cases, can even reverse the effects of periodontal disease.

If your gums are red, swollen, or tender, or if your gums bleed easily, you may suffer from periodontal disease. We encourage you to contact us at Northwest Dental Arts & Sleep Therapy today to learn more about gum treatment in Keizer, Oregon and to schedule your visit with our caring dental team.

Bleeding gums and a receding gum line are symptoms of periodontal disease (gum disease).

As periodontal disease progresses, pockets develop between the tooth and gum tissue. Your dentist will measure these pockets to determine the severity of the disease.

These pockets harbor bacteria that can infect the gum tissue and cause the gums to pull farther away from the teeth.

To improve the health of your smile, Dr. Jennifer B. Frankel may recommend scaling and root planing. These are deep cleaning methods that focus on removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria that have built up on the tooth structure, both above and below the gum line.

By removing bacteria, plaque, and tartar, and by smoothing out rough spots on the tooth, we can halt the progress of the disease and encourage your smile to heal.